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Raw Freeze-Dried Beef Dog Food, all-natural Complete nutrition 3 LBS


Our Raw Freeze-Dried Beef Dog Food is the perfect choice for dog owners looking for complete, all-natural nutrition for their furry friends. Made from 100% natural, human-quality, grass-fed beef, our dog food is slowly freeze-dried to lock in all the healthy nutrients, fat, minerals, and plant-based fiber that dogs need for superior nutrition. Our beef is humanely raised by hand-selected family farmers and ranchers who practice sustainability, with no antibiotics or hormones. Our dog food meets or exceeds AAFCO standards, ensuring that your dog gets the best possible nutrition. Give your dog the best with our Raw Freeze-Dried Beef Dog Food.


Freeze-dried Dried Beef Dog Food Servings Per Package


3 lbs = 36-42 cups of Food


Feeding instructions: 

1 Cup per 10 lbs of body weight, Puppies need 2x as much as adults.

Divide the recommended daily amount into two portions, for morning/evening feedings. Rehydrate by adding 1/2 cup of hot water per 1 cup of dry food. Let stand until cool and serve immediately, discard any leftovers, and always make sure your pet has fresh water to drink at all times.




Beef, Beef Livers, Beef Hearts, Cantaloupes, Cabbages, Beef Kidneys, Kale, Collards, Fish Bone Meal, Oyster Shell Powder, Sunflower Oil, Dried Kelp, Vitamin E supplement, Zinc amino acids chelate, Manganese amino acids chelate, Copper amino acids chelate, Thiamin mononitrate, Vitamin D3 supplement.


Raw Freeze-Dried Beef Dog Food, all-natural Complete nutrition 3 LBS

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