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BeyondWhiskers Hog Ears Dehydrated Mixed sizes Mixed colors dog treat chews Our All-Natural Dehydrated Whole Hog Ears Dog Chews are 100% natural, single-ingredient, and absolutely drool-worthy.

The quality of our product is something we take pride in. From where it’s from to how it’s been cooked, we ensure your dog gets the best of the best.

Our long-lasting, premium-quality Pig Ears Dog Chews may vary in size.

100% NATURAL – We never use any preservatives, additives, artificial flavoring, or harmful chemicals in our dog treats and chews. Dogs are meant to be carefree, happy, and healthy—we strive to keep it that way. LONG-LASTING – Our chews are the perfect alternative to chemically treated and low-quality rawhide treats.

These chews last longer, taste better, and give your dog that good chew they’re craving.

May be Sourced From, The United States, Europe, Canada, or Argentina – We source all of our products from the highest quality suppliers.

BeyondWhiskers Hog, Pig Ears dog treats mixed size

PriceFrom $5.99
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