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BeyondWhiskers American Sourced Bison Trachea dog chew Strips,

All Natural, Grain-Free Bison Trachea dog chew strips, 4"-6" inches

Bison Trachea Strip Bones that is 4-6" in length 

Cooking & Preparation Process

natural animal chews that are made and sourced in the USA with a chemical-free cooking process that sets it apart from any other natural animal chews in the industry. Other companies use harsh chemical washes that can cause shrinkage and kills the most nutritious aspects of bones, tendons, and organs. 

For the cooking process, a dehydration method is used. Temperatures are kept very low along with a lot of airflows. This helps to keep as much of the macronutrients intact and unchanged as possible by not overcooking at high heat. With this method, only little macronutrients are lost along the way due to loss of moisture, but that is what enables the ability to keep products shelf-stable without using chemical preservatives. Because such care is taken during processing, irradiation methods will never need to be implemented. Irradiation alters the makeup of the product and destroys everything.

To start the process, these natural animal chews are marinated in raw, organic apple cider vinegar. This tenderizes the product for easier digestion and prevents the "stinky" odor that is often associated with animal chews. Then, they are dehydrated at low temperatures to maintain as many macronutrients as possible.

The Benefits

These natural animals chew products have been shown to:

  • Naturally, provide nutrients including protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins to dogs
  • Stimulate jaw muscles to promote blood flow to the brain and create a calming effect
  • Keep dogs engaged through different textures and shapes 
  • Supplement dogs' regular diets
  • Increase glucosamine & hyaluronic acid intake to promote healthy hips & joints 

Claims & Callouts

  • 100% Made and Sourced in the USA
  • Odor-Free
  • All-Natural
  • Chemical-Free
  • Packed with Vitamins & Minerals
  • Naturally Grain-Free and Gluten-Free
  • Whole-Form
  • 100% Digestible


  • Dog Size: Any 
  • Life Stage: Any 
  • Chew Level (1=Light Chewer, 5=Aggressive Chewer): These are levels 3-4
  • Delicious, succulent, mouth-watering 
  • All Natural USA Bison Trachea from 100% Natural Sourced American Bison, Odor-Free & Chemical-Free 
  • Packed with Vitamins & Minerals 
  • Naturally Grain-Free and Gluten-Free Whole-Form 
  • Stimulate jaw muscles to promote blood flow to the brain and create a calming effect

*Supervised Watch Warning*

If your dog is a gulper or swallower, give them an oversized chew, nothing smaller than what they can fit in their mouth. If your dog is unfamiliar with the product, always watch them initially and supervise their chewing.

Manufactured by The Pound Bakery, a certified USDA Handler and an SQF Certified Facility.

Bison Trachea dog chew Strips

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