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Introducing the Lil Pals Latex Pig Dog Toy, designed specifically for puppies and toy breeds. This adorable toy is made of durable latex material, perfect for teething puppies and small dogs. The pig-shaped toy is the perfect size for little mouths and will provide hours of entertainment and playtime. Its soft and squeaky design will keep your furry friend engaged and entertained, while also promoting healthy chewing habits. Treat your tiny pup to this cute and durable toy that is sure to become their new favorite plaything.

  • Durable 3" pig toy for dogs
  • Latex massages your dogs gums during chewing
  • Built-in squeaker for extra fun
  • Helps satisfy natural chewing instincts

The pigs shape makes this toy very easy for your dog to grip and pick up. Made of soft, natural, biodegradable latex and safe, non-toxic paint.

Lil Pals Latex Pig Dog Toy for Puppies and Toy Breeds

SKU: 83204

10% off 2 or More

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