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BeyondWhiskers Chicken Soupy Soup Cat Treat mix, just add water or leave Dry to use as a Food Topper. All-Natural, Limited Ingredient Cat treat.

Pick your Flavors chicken and (Your Flavor)



Each container is 8 oz and has 1.2 oz of Very fine powdered cat snacks in it, Add water to the powder to make between

1.2 - 8 oz of Soupy Soup depending on the consistency you desire.


Our Containers are Food Safe, PBA Free

Freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher safe.


Feeding Direction:

Give Dry or Add water to the container and Shake to your desired texture


(Color and Label will differ from the picture depending on Which Flavor you choose)


Not to be used as daily nutrition because it doesn't meet the recommended total daily nutritional value cats need to Thrive.


Pick Your Flavors!

Chicken And



Limited Ingredients

Natural Preservative

No added Hormones

No Antibiotics

No steroids


Add Cranberry for Urinary Health, select Yes or NO

Need a Custom Order Let us know.


Keep Dry treats in a Dry Dark Area to extend Shelf Life

Shelf Life 12-18 Months

Freezer Life 18-24 Months

BeyondWhiskers chicken Soupy Soups Cat treat mix, Just Add Water

PriceFrom $179.99
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