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Premium USA Pork Hide Dog Chews, One-Piece, Easy Digestion, High Protein


Ingredients: Pork Hide


Features and Benefits:

  • CRAVEABLE SCENT AND FLAVOR - Smoky pork skin chews are baked and smoked for a flavor and aroma your dog will absolutely crave, 6 Inch
  • ValueBull pork skin rolls contain no added dyes, salt, preservatives, fillers, grains or additives
  • High-quality rolled shapes are made of pure pork skin, great for dogs with certain food allergies
  • Challenging chew sticks start out tough but soften as your dog chews
  • Added dental bonus as your dog's natural chewing action scrapes away plaque, stimulates gums, and generates healthy saliva

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Pig Skin Retriever Rolls dog treats, 6 Inch, Smoked

PriceFrom $96.99
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