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Beef Dog Chew Bones (10 Pack) 4-inch Bones

Introducing our Beef Dog Chew Bones, a delicious and satisfying treat for your beloved furry friend. Made from high-quality beef, these 4-inch bones are sure to keep your pet entertained and occupied for hours. The pack of 10 ensures that you have plenty on hand for when your dog needs a tasty snack. Not only are these bones delicious, but they also help promote dental health by reducing tartar and plaque buildup. Treat your dog to something truly special with our Beef Dog Chew Bones, they'll be begging for more in no time!

10 bone chews, individually wrapped for product safety and shelf life. 

Suggested Use: Offer once to several times per week, depending on your dog's weight and chewing style. Always supervise your dog's chewing sessions and keep fresh water available at all times to aid in digestion.

Beef Dog Chew Bones (10 Pack) 4-inch Bones

SKU: cxdrytr
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