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Aqueon Monster Fish Medley Food 3.5 oz

Fish food for cichlids

Introducing Aqueon Monster Fish Medley Food, the perfect solution for feeding your large and aggressive aquatic creatures. This high-protein blend is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of monster fish, including cichlids, oscars, and other large carnivorous species. Packed with a variety of protein-rich ingredients such as shrimp, and mealworms, this food will help support muscle growth and overall health. Plus, the sinking pellets are formulated to provide a balanced diet while minimizing waste and maintaining water quality. Keep your monster fish happy and thriving with Aqueon Monster Fish Medley Food.


  • Main ingredients are dehydrated river shrimp and mealworms
  • Floats at the surface for easy feeding
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Break into pieces for smaller fish
  • Will not cloud water when fed as directed

Feed in amounts that fish will consume in under 2 minutes

Aqueon Monster Fish Medley Food 3.5 oz

SKU: AU06199
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